Mom artist

Hello to everyone who is reading this blog! This is my fist ever blog post that I have ever written, here I am going to tell you everything I plan to do with my blog, but first a little about me. I am a mom of two, at the time I am writing this (July 2017) age 3.5 ¬†and 10 moths. I am married to a wonderful man…Bill and have my Bachelors degree in art education with an emphasis on ceramics. I consider myself a Maker, because I MUST make things all the time!!!! (or its possible that I will explode). Among the many many things that I might be making at any given time include: ceramics, food, crafts (of all sorts, but mostly with and for my two girls) sewing, diy beauty products, growing food and flowers in my garden and who knows from day to day! as a side note, the hardest part of this blog for me is going to be the writing part as I really really do not fancy writing a whole lot, so if you are into short blog posts with lots of pictures or tutorials without excessive writing than this will be your cup of tea!. I plan on showing you about the projects we are making and commentary on the things I love and do, as well as hopefully having a shop where you can directly purchase my works that are available. I also plan on incorporating some affiliated marketing (only the things I truly use and love) to help me to earn a little bit of income so that I can stay home with my girls and continue “making”. You will also see some insights on our family philosophies on diet lifestyle and about trying to glorify God for the things he provides for us every day. So without further adu here goes nothin’!

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