Unicorn Carnival: Getting ready for Olivias 1st Birthday

Here is the scoop, I will be adding to this post as we get closer to my youngest’s first birthday, so here’s the plan for the unicorn carnival. Party at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Denver. Dig out grandma’s cotton candy machine (that we bought her for Christmas a few years ago) see if we can borrow great grandmas super duper popcorn machine, and snow cone ice shaver, because in August in Colorado it will be hot! And party on Wayne! Here are some of the things I have already gathered, the invitations and thank you notes, some of the plates and napkins and of corse I have sewn a unicorn romper for my little missy! Here a a few pics of what I have ready so far!

***Update! We found a Unicorn piñata and used it as decoration until the end of the party, when we let the kids have at it with a bat and get the candy, then the grand send off…water balloons! I was a great time!

Here are some of the DIY’s from the party

Unicon tails (I wrapped yarn around a KAM snap clip and Viola! Pony tails!) Also I made some Black tails for the boys, they like dress up too!


I made this horn for my daughter, I was going to make one for each of the kids, but ran out of time. I will have a tutorial on making the adorable felt flowers the adorn the horn. I DIY’d the whole thing, If you would like to see how to do it I will make a post if enough people ask for it.


Here are the cookies that  we gave out as favors! There is a link to how to make the cookies Here IMG_3412Version 3

My sorta failed attempt at rainbow foresting, It got a little “muddy” because I had to smooth it out on the cake, we learn form our failures!


The cakes still tasted good though!


I did not get many pictures of the actual party, because I was “Manning” the stations.

here is the unicorn wile still in one piece! By the way pinata’s are a hit at a party!fullsizeoutput_1a5cthe stations but I have a few.

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