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Lady Bug Pedi Tutorial

Okay so here is an easy step by step nail art tutorial for a ladybug pedicure, I do this on my 3 year old about every two weeks, she loves to show EVERYONE her Ladybugs, she will ask total strangers “Do you want to see my lady bugs?” and will take off her shoes. Its just too cute and I am happy that it is something that I can do for her that she enjoys so much! Also you can use different base color for the bugs, we do pink or even purple sometimes, but here I am showing the classic red ladybugs. Enjoy! I would love you see your nail art too, you can leave me pics in the leave a comment section!fullsizeoutput_1a5b


Okay so start off with a regular pedicure, I will post another tutorial on getting a really good basic pedi. So here I have a basic red pedi Do Not put your top coat on yet!. you will also need a few extra supplies for doing this nail art, you will need black and white polish (I like kiss nail art with the detail brushes) but you could just use any black and white and use a tooth pick and/or a tiny paint brush. I like to use a dotting tool, you can pick these up from the craft stores in the paper departments or some times you can find them in the nail polish section, or you could use the back of a straight pin (like a sewing pin) the ones with round balls on them, or as stated earlier a toothpick. You will also need a paper plate or something to put your polish on so you can dip your tools into a little pool, you can get creative with your tools, I do all the time! Ok here are the steps after you have your base color down:fullsizeoutput_1a54


Make a straight line with your black polish, I like to do all of my lines at the same time before proceeding to the next step.fullsizeoutput_1a55

My apologies for the blurry photo here…

next paint a little semi circle onto the end of the line and extend it to the end of your nail. Once again I like to proceed with this same step on all of the rest of my nails at this point.




Now take your black polish and put a little pool on a paper plate or some surface that you can clean (I use a little metal plate for nail art and clean it off with acetone when Im finished) So make a little pool of black and take your dotting tool, or toothpick or sewing pin an put your ladybug spots on! I like to mimic each side the same but you don’t have to in fact when I have looked at ladybugs some have uneven spots on their backs, so you can do what you like here! Repeat with all of the nails.


Kind of a gross close up…sorry. I did’nt use moisturizer until after my nails were finished for this one.

The next step is to add little white eyes, so clean your dotting tool off with acetone and add a little pool of white polish to your plate. Dip your tool into the white and add two little eyes to each little bug. You can take this a step further and add black back into the white but I like the simpler version. wait a few minutes for the white to set (I clean up my edges with a tiny brush and acetone while I am waiting here) and then finish with a nice top coat, than some cuticle oil.

fullsizeoutput_1a5aAnd you’re all done, Enjoy your ladybugs! I just love the ladybugs in the grass!


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