Is this a food blog? I thought it was mom/artist!

I know what you’re thinking, “why did she name it mom artist if all she puts on is food?” okay okay you’re right, the reason so far.. drum roll is because I cook every day so I have just been documenting life as it happens (maybe that’s what I should name the blog) But rest assured I have some plans!

I WILL be in the studio producing works and will update as that progresses.

Also I have so super fun plans scheduled for the blog in the craft and sewing department so keep your eyes peeled for these exciting upcoming projects and tutorials to be posted as soon as they are finished!

In the sewing department a Full tutorial on sewing “barbie” mermaid tails. Lily just LOVES these and I have drafted my own pattern you will be able to download and print from home.

Also in the sewing department sewing a toddler wrap dress. I will be using a store bought patten for this and it might make a great sew along! (yeah I might just make that happen) if you’re interested in a sew-a-long and want to get started…I am using the NEWLOOK 6442 pattern wrap dress for kids. I have already made a dress from this pattern, its really cute and easy. It looks like a dress straight from the Tea kids clothing  line!

Another sewing project thats great for beginners…A universal pacifier leash that requires no pattern at all, just a little measuring!

In the craft department I will be doing a full photo tutorial on making felt flowers for headbands or what ever purpose you would like to use them for with a free printable pattern!

I have a perfect Easy Manicure planned for the beauty department. (I will be using my favorite nail polish that helps nails grow, makes your nails look AMAZING and best part of all, you really can’t tell when it starts to chip off, NO REALLY no BS!) I am doing before and after so that will take me about a week  to complete.

Also in the beauty department, some reviews on a few new beauty items I have been trying out, I will be telling about the ones I have been diggin’ and the ones I haven’t been impressed by. Let me know if you are interested in any make up tutorials! I will happily take requests!

A beauty DIY Making Coconut sugar tea scrub, yum…for your body too.

DIY Rose water and what to do with the stuff.

And of course I will have tons of recipes as I make them, but plan on seeing

Pink lemonade, made with prickly pear syrup- the color is AMAZING!!!! But I will show substitutes as well because I know it might be hard to find them little cactus fruits!

Apple Rose tarts: Individual apple tarts that look like roses!, Lily calls these “flower apples” they are easy and so de-lish!

and so on… If you have a request let me know- I am happy to learn something new or share what I already know with you all.

Cheers and God Bless!

-Kirk out

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