Pecan Crusted Feta Balls (Ooh Yeah!)

These tasty little cheese balls are a great addition to a nice tossed green salad with a tangy vinaigrette dressing (perhaps a strawberry spinach salad?) and as a bonus they only have two ingredients so you can whip them up in a breeze!

All you need to make these protein packed tasty little balls is some feta cheese and some pecans. I had some feta cheese with honey flavor and it was delicious!

You can toast your pecans for extra delicious nutty flavor (to toast nuts you place them over medium low heat and toss/stir them until they let off a nice aroma and remove from heat immediately after they start to smell toasty).

Here is how you do it. Cut your cheese log into about 1″ chuncks.


Once you have your chunks, you might have to let them warm up a little if they crumble when you try to roll them. Take each chunk and roll it gently into a ball.


Like so.


Then take your nuts and chop them finely. you could use a nut chopper or a good ‘ol chefs knife.


Next roll your cheese balls into the chopped nuts, you may have to press them into the balls a little but they should coat pretty easily.



There you have it, easy peasy lemon squeezey!fullsizeoutput_1b4d

A great addition to salads!


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